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Secure Access vs Public Access  -  Read-Only

“If something is secure, only authorized people should have access.”

Access Control

Access to secure activity must only be granted to Authorized Users


Identification is a critical step that is skipped in the current authentication model


An authorized user is granted access and identified. Only then can authentication takes place.

Security Protocols

The one thing every secure website has in common is missing security protocols.


Become part of the future of cybersecurity.

A Binary Solution

Computer Science is binary. There is always a binary solution to a binary problem.


Removing public access to secure services exponentially decreases exposure.


Internet Connected Devices (in millions)


Authorized Users


Potential Enemies to 1 Authorized User

The cybersecurity crisis

$1.5 Trillion in cyber damage in 2018, $4.1 Billion per day, $171.1 Million per hour, $2.9 Million per minute because indirect assertion of identity requires an assumption, a guess, as to who provided the data for authentication.

out of control damage

This is a 150% increase in cyber damage over 2017. Assuming the rate of damage does not increase, by 2023 the damage costs will be $146 Trillion. In an $80 Trillion world economy, this is a crisis.

Cybersecurity is a choice

The crisis is because of a perception that security is inconvenient. The “convenience over security” mantra, says it all. No one has ever tried to secure anything on the Internet. First, because it was not possible, now because…

Security protocol problem

So long as secure, classified and public activity is commingled and a guess for authentication is the basis for secure activity, cybersecurity is designed to fail. Limiting the damage is the goal.

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