Browser-based identification


Identifying people before granting access to a secure environment seems like such an obvious security process. Yet, a website grants “secure” access to anyone that enters its URL.


Every browser can connect to a website and load a portal to secure service. Identification as a process has been removed from cybersecurity, weakening security.


Cybersecurity treats identification and authentication as a single event eliminating the ability to limit access to only authorized users. Worse, this process requires data from an unknown individual before it can be performed.

Existence-based identification


Existence is what is created when someone is present. In the real world wherever your body is, it creates a state-of-existence. The data, a driver’s license or other ID, is used to identify the body.


A “digital body” is used to create a digital state-of-existence. While an authorized individual is presenting their “digital body”, they exist for identification. The unique serialization of the digital body provides the method to identify the “digital body”.


A connection is granted only after identification takes place.

If identifying an INDIVidual  before

granting access is important

Unknown individuals should never have access to any secure environment..