Security is organizational


It does not matter what any other organization has deployed, it won’t do anything to protect your organization. There is a breach every 14 seconds. What other organizations are doing, isn’t working!


Every organization must divide its data, services and access into three categories: Public, Classified and Secure. Then “Secure” services must apply “Secure Protocols”

Basic security Protocols

First Protocol

Secure activity is performed in private


Second Protocol

Identity is directly asserted



If an organization has anything they consider secure, isn’t it logical to access those services in private while providing proof or presence? Existence Technologies Private Portal comes into existence when an authorized user is performing activity and existence terminates when the user is finished. While the authorized user is performing secure activity they maintain a state-of-existence.




If Eons old Security Protocols
are missing from your organization

Security Protocols are the foundation that security is built upon.